Penetration Tester (Security Consultant)
National Security Services Group (NSSG)
Muscat, Oman

Job description / Role
The National Security Services Group (NSSG) is the only indigenous, independant and propreitary cybersecurity firm in the Sultanate of Oman, and as well, the only cybersecurity consultancy firm in the MENA region to be CREST Certified in Penetration Testing. Our accreditation by an internationally renwoned instituion is an attested merit that qualifies us as the leaders when it comes Security Consutlancy related services.
The following are the duties the employee can expect, but not limited to:
• Perform Penetration Tests under the Senior Lead Security Analyst Officer.
• Works with a team that formulates, implements, and operates security designs and
penetration test suites. This includes intrusion detection systems, intrusion prevention
systems, network monitoring, flow analysis, system integrity, risk analysis, security
scanning and other proactive security measures.
• Build a penetration testing lab.
• If required, lead penetration testing actions for Clientele.
• Create payloads to test Client systems.
• If required, train Team members on how to use tools, conduct penetration testing and store
objective evidence.
• If required, creates the Final Report for Clientele.
• If required, teaches team members how to create the Final Report.
• Attend meetings with different organizations as required to talk about vulnerabilities and
• Evaluate, assess, and provide recommendations on new products and technologies related
to the design and deployment of secure systems.
• Work with other members of the Security team to investigate, perform forensics, compile
relevant technical/background information, and perform post-mortem analysis of
information security incidents. This work will frequently require handling confidential
and sensitive information.
• Give input on the processes of the organization.
• Build comprehensive reports of vulnerabilities and possible future weak points.
• Interact with other IT personnel, sometimes of different nationalities.
• Other duties as assigned
• Provide off-hours, on-call support
• If required, manages interns/trainees on the Security Team
• Safety and Health is the responsibility of all employees, to include Fire Fighting with
A standard work week will be a 45-hour, 5 day week, unless otherwise directed/approved.
900 to 1,200
per month inclusive of fixed allowances.
Additional benefits: Free shared accommodation
• Proven skills in technical writing, verbal communications, consulting, and problem solving
in a rapidly changing technical environment
• Proven experience being team-oriented and self-motivated, with a keen attention to detail
and the ability to work independently
• Ability to effectively communicate and work with individuals from diverse backgrounds
or cultures.
1. Must have a High School Diploma
2. Valid Driver’s License is required
3. 3-5 years in the cybersecurity field
4. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Sciences preferred
5. Required to have at least three of the below certifications:
• CREST Certification
Certification origins must be accredited by ANSI or an equivalent authorized body under
ISO/IEC Standard 17024
• Windows, OSX and Linux operating systems
• C, C++, C#, Java, ASM, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Golang
• Bash, Powershell
• Network servers and networking tools (e.g. Nessus, nmap, Burp, etc.)
• Computer hardware and software systems
• Web-based applications
• Security frameworks (e.g. ISO 27001/27002, NIST, HIPPA, SOX, etc.)
• Security tools and products (Fortify, AppScan, Wireshark, etc.)
• Kali Linux, Backtrack Linux, Tails, Cyborg Linux, Knoppix or BackBox Linux etc.
• Vulnerability analysis and reverse engineering
• Metasploit framework
• Forensics tools
• Cryptography principles
About the Company
National Security Services Group (NSSG) is a cyber security firm located in the Sultanate of Oman.
NSSG is designed to assist the private and government sectors determine their in-depth threats and provide solutions in coordination with our partners, which alleviates and reduces the risk in the every growing world today.
NSSG seeks only the best and most qualified personnel to lead companies and governments alike, into the future.

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